What Should You Do After a Tailbone Injury to Minimize Pain

The tailbone is also known as the coccyx and is located at the very end of the spinal column. When this is injured or damaged due to whatever reason, it could cause a great amount of discomfort and pain and will make even the simplest daily tasks to be very difficult to do.

When you have a tailbone injury, it may take a lot of months to heal so it would be best if you see your chiropractor right away so you can get started with the right treatment. Also, visiting your chiropractor will allow you to have the proper diagnosis.

Causes of Tailbone Injury

What Should You Do After a Tailbone Injury to Minimize Pain

Tailbone injury is commonly caused by a fall or a slip and may cause a lot of pain even when you are just sitting down especially when you are sitting on an unpadded seat. It may also be painful when you have a strained bowel movement.

You may also get an injury to your tailbone if you sit for extended periods of time on unpadded or hard surfaces. Different activities may also result in this such as football or other high impact sports, figure skating, gymnastics or other sports or activities where falling is at higher risk.

Other causes of tailbone injury may be due to your type of work, activities that are done repetitively such as rowing or cycling, when you have a chronic health condition, those with a degenerative joint illness or those with osteoporosis. The coccyx may also be injured during a woman’s childbirth.

Symptoms of Injury to the Tailbone

If you experience bruising in the spine area, or there is tenderness and pain in the lower back as well as irritation or inflammation in the area there is a big chance that you are suffering from a tailbone injury.

Other symptoms may include pain during bowel movement, numbness when sitting, and pain during intercourse. When you are having a hard time shifting from a standing to a sitting position, this may also be a sign that your tailbone is injured or damaged.

When you have a tailbone injury, the muscles around it also become stiff and swelling may also take place. When the tailbone is injured, the nerves in that area may also become compressed and result in irritation and inflammation.

Having an injury in the tailbone may make it painful for you to stand up, sit down, or even when you lie down that is why it is recommended that you consult your chiropractor as soon as possible so they can help you find some relief.

Treatment through Chiropractic Care

Seeking treatment from a chiropractor Red Wing, MN for your tailbone injury may be among your best solutions as it can help in making your life pain free as soon as possible and at the same time assist in making your recovery process faster. 

On your first visit to your chiropractor, some diagnostic imaging may be performed such as MRI or X-Ray. This needs to be done to find out the condition of your lower spine and bone. After this procedure, the angle of your coccyx will be assessed so that the chiropractor could examine what is causing the pain. Once the right diagnosis has been done, the proper treatment plan can be created.

If the injury results to the misalignment of the tailbone, the nerves and tissues surrounding it may be irritated. The chiropractor can surely realign the bone which will certainly offer you some relief. Some other types of chiropractic treatment that may be suggested are massage therapy, physical therapy, or chiropractic adjustment. 

To relieve the pain due to sore or tight muscles, spinal manipulation may also be performed. The chiropractor may also use a type of treatment that is machine assisted like the ultrasound therapy or some forms of exercises or stretching may be advised as well. To soothe irritated tissues, ice therapy may be suggested.

Though going to Dr. Kroll’s Health solutions or other chiropractic clinics is the best solution for this problem, you may also need to consult a surgeon if the tailbone injury is severe. And whether you have suffered from this type of injury in the past or in a more recent time, it is still best to reach out to your chiropractor so that your condition can be assessed and treated properly.

Caring for Yourself at Home

There are also several ways that you can do at home to care for yourself and reduce pain from a tailbone injury. If you have a prescription for pain medicine, take it as directed and you may also apply cold compress for 1 to 2 hour intervals for about 3 days or until the swelling subsides.

Getting yourself well- hydrated can also help as well as including fibers in your diet such as veggies, fruits, whole grains and beans to prevent constipation. Do some exercises daily but make sure to slowly build up from 30 to 60 minutes for a minimum of 5 days.

Avoid sitting on unpadded and hard surfaces so that there will be no pressure on the tailbone area. And you can also try both ice and heat treatment on an alternate basis for about 2 to 3 days following the injury. For the heat treatment, you can do a warm bath for about 20 minutes and this can be done for 3 to 4 times per day.

Knowing what causes injury to the tailbone can offer some advantage in better protecting ourselves towards preventing it, but there are times when we cannot totally avoid it from happening as well. When this occurs, there are many ways to relieve yourself of the pain that you can simply do at home. Though the best way to deal with it is to go to your chiropractor and let your situation get assessed the right way.

By going to your chiropractor, you are not only alleviating the experience of pain but you are also getting complete healing in a way that is natural and non- invasive. 

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