Spinal Decompression In Dr. Kroll's Health Solution Chiropractic And Wellness Center

Many people suffer from back pain, neck pain, or headaches. You may be one of them. Pain is a prevalent ailment in our society, and it's something that can affect anyone. If you want to stop the cycle of chronic pain and find relief for your condition, spinal decompression therapy might be the answer you are looking for. Spinal decompression therapy is an MRI-safe procedure used to treat patients with degenerative discs and those who have experienced back injury by removing pressure on the nerves and giving your spine room to heal.

How Does Spinal Decompression Work?

The method is conducted by a specially trained chiropractor or physical therapist. When they place your body in the decompression machine, it gently stretches you vertically and horizontally to remove pressure from discs pressing on nerves. You will then feel relief as the compressed nerve can begin healing itself, which helps relieve pain quickly. There's no need for medications or surgery with spinal decompression therapy. 

It is an effective solution for many people who have been struggling with chronic back pain due to injury, age-related disc degeneration, osteoporosis, stenosis of the vertebral canal. And also cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy that cause compression of spine tissues. The treatment has also shown success in addressing headaches when they are caused by spinal compression.

What are the Benefits of Spinal Decompression?

The benefits of spinal decompression are:

  • Reduction of pain quickly
  • Quicker recovery time from injury or surgery (meaning a faster return to work)
  • Less chance for chronic degeneration and immobilization problems
  • Improves flexibility within muscles while restoring mobility in the spine area. It leads to less tension on other parts of the body due to gravity pulling down on discs that are no longer being compressed by spinal bones because they have decompressed from excessive pressure over time. This added flexibility will reduce muscle and joint pain in other parts of the body.
  • Improved circulation to spinal nerve roots, discs, muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae leads to less inflammation and more range of motion. It also helps with pressure on nerves because as they decompress, it takes some weight off them, which was putting pressure on them before
  • Degeneration can take years or decades depending upon the patient's age when symptoms begin. Fortunately, Spinal Decompression Therapy is shown to reverse—or at least alleviate the symptoms within weeks or months.

What is the Treatment Process?

The process includes a consultation with Dr. Brian A. Kroll in Red Wing, MN, diagnostic imaging such as MRI, X-rays, and CT scans to identify any disc herniation or other spinal abnormalities. Once the diagnosis has been determined, it may be treated by medication injection followed by physical therapy if needed in addition to spinal decompression if necessary. The frequency of treatments usually varies depending on the severity of your condition. It typically ranges from one session per week to two sessions per month which can last anywhere from six months to two years.

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